Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A short break in bandit country, anyone?

There’s a TV ad running at the moment which aims to promote tourism in South Armagh.

The ad features a young couple entering a busy pub, lively with chat and traditional music, which goes completely silent as they enter. They stop in the doorway looking nervous. The barman, with a slightly menacing look, leans on the bar and addresses them: “You’re not from round here. You’ll be wanting to buy us a drink, it’s tradition.” Then finally the barman grins, the hushed crowd in the bar laughs and the strangers finally smile in relief.

Given that South Armagh has long been known as bandit country, with “sniper at work” placards routinely decorating telegraph poles in the county, such a reception in a pub there would scare the bejasus out of any sensible person.

I don’t know what ad agency came up with this or who approved it on behalf of the client, but neither party deserves any marks for the application of brainpower.

Footnote: I accessed their website www.south-armagh.com and emailed this view to them.

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