Sunday, January 21, 2007

Lord of the Pants

The Sunday Independent seems a little preoccupied with Michael Flatley and his former fiancée Liza Murphy. Today they quote him as saying that, while he had loved her, he was never in love with her. They contrast his caddish behaviour and public utterances on the topic with her dignified silence on their relationship.

However, a couple of weeks ago the Sindo carried an interview with Liza which included her new relationship with society solicitor Gerald Kean, who in turn has split with his glamorous solicitor wife Clodagh, who has also a new partner. Liza posed for some tasteful photographs to accompany the article (sample displayed). Clearly a catholic girl of good taste and modesty.

There’s obviously a Happy Valley Set right here in Dublin and god alone knows who’s sleeping with who on any given night. Would RTE or TV3 consider a Celebrity Big Brother with all these “lovely” people locked up together for our amusement?

You can only surmise that they all deserve each other.

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