Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Actor plays shy

This morning’s guest on Eamon Dunphy’s couch is Stephen Rea, the Belfast actor who’s currently appearing in “Kicking a Dead Horse” by Sam Shepard at the Peacock Theatre in Dublin (to mixed reviews).

As usual, Dunphy is obsequious to a fault and greets his guest with “I know you don’t like doing interviews” and expresses his fawning thanks to his microphone shy guest.

This would be the same reluctant interviewee who I spotted while channel-hopping last night - he was on Podge & Rodge - hardly the perfect spot for the shy guest. I also recall an long interview on some other RTE radio programme during the week where he talked at length about his acting background and involvement with Brian Friel and the Field Day theatre company.

Reluctant interviewee, my arse.

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