Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ryanair 1c flights

Aired by Pat Kenny on RTE radio today:

Ref your earlier discussion about Aer Lingus/Ryanair average fares. Those cheap Ryanair flights look great on paper, until you factor in all the incidental costs. The wife and I are just back from 5 nights in Biarritz, which all began with a bargain Ryanair booking - 4 x1c each way Ryanair flights.

With online banking I can now see all the relevant hits on our credit card:

With additional charges, that Ryanair 4c runs up to €82.
€51 - parking at Dublin airport.
€30 - taxis from and to Biarritz airport.
€550 - 5 nights B&B in Biarritz.
€620 - meals, including wine
€610 - misc shopping - a bag, shoes, belt, top, cosmetics etc..(all female)
€280 - misc/unaccounted cash spent on beer etc

That’s a grand total of about €2,225, all starting with 4 x Ryanair "1c" flights. What’s the reverse of "from little acorns ......"?

Incidentally, the average price of a pint (watching the rugby) was €7 - the Shelbourne is looking cheap!

Regards, etc

PS - if you air this, please don’t use my name - the wife would kill me!

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