Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What we need from Scotland

Assuming that Ireland can beat Italy on Paddy’s Day in Rome, we need to win by a margin that’s 5 points greater than that by which France beat Scotland in Paris on the same day, if we‘re to win the 6 Nations Championship.

It seems to me that Scotland’s best two backs so far this year, by a considerable margin, have been Chris Paterson and Shaun Lamont, who have both been stuck out on the wings.

I’d recommend that Frank Hadden plays Paterson at outhalf and Lamont in the centre if he wants to create scoring chances for the Scottish backline. Lamont has also been a highly effective tackler, so moving him to the centre should also improve the defensive line in that critical area.

I don’t know what alternative talent they have available to fill-in on the wings, but playing your best two backs at the extremities seems a policy that’s likely to minimise returns.

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