Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Flying for Ireland

We left our hotel in Biarritz at about 10.45 am, walked around the corner to the taxi rank and headed for the airport. By 3.00 pm we were booting down the M50 to the Cherrywood exit, in order to get home in time for the Champion Hurdle at Cheltenham, race time 3.15. The task was accomplished with about 5 minutes to spare. I’d a small bet on Hardy Eustace, who could only finish 4th, but it was great to watch the race live.

That must be the guts of 1,000 miles travelled in less than half a day. How blasé we’ve become, we just take it all for granted, yet that 1,000 miles might be the cumulative total of several years, perhaps even a lifetime, travel for our great-grandparents.

Still, with this Global Warming debate heating up, cheap air travel may soon be a thing of the past, taxed out of existence by the rising power of the Greens. I’ve devised a new slogan for them for the upcoming general election, but I suspect they’ll pass on it - this time around.

“We have ways of making you walk!”

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