Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Put a Cork in it

What is it about Cork people that makes many of them believe the rest of the country is envious of them when, in fact, the feeling is more often one of genuine dislike? And with good cause.

When then Minister for Transport Seamus Brennan promised that Cork Airport would be granted independence from Dublin on a debt-free basis, the local cute hoors decided to pull a fast one. Thinking they had been handed a blank cheque, they went ahead and built a Taj Mahal of a terminal at enormous expense. Now they’re bleating about being asked to pay about half the cost of their gold-plated white elephant.

Today we have Roy Keane claiming an anti-Cork bias, simply because one of his Sunderland players hasn’t been included in the Irish football squad. Perhaps it's just a wise precaution on Stan's part, given that a Corkman walked out on his country at a critical time a couple of years ago. Forgotten about that one, have you Roy?

Whingeing langers, the lot of them!

Footnote: Published as a letter in the Irish Independent but, sadly, they edited out the two best bits of the attack, those in italics above. A modified version, ending "Cork should just get over it" published by the Irish Examiner.

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