Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Left is right

As we’re reminded by the old rhyming couplet, “coughs and sneezes spread diseases”. Consequently, we’re taught to cover our mouths when we need to cough or catch a sneeze (literally!). Most of us do this with our right hand, the same hand that we proffer for a handshake.

This has been the topic of discussion in some catholic churches, where the “sign of peace” is a handshake offered to one’s neighbours during the course of a mass. Some people are reluctant to share germs with strangers, particularly during the winter months when mass is often accompanied by a cacophony of coughing throughout the service.

The solution is relatively simple - we need to retrain ourselves to cover our mouths with our LEFT hand when we cough or sneeze. While we’re at it, we could add arse-wiping, willy-shaking and nose-picking to the list of activities for the left hand.

Could I have cracked the MRSA dilemma?

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