Monday, June 04, 2007

Are FF the only party honestly enaged in the current negotiations?

Strange as it may seem, Fianna Fail are the only party honestly engaged in the current negotiations regarding the formation of government. They are displaying their natural pragmatism in pursuit of achievement of their ideological goal: the acquisition of power at any cost. The electorate expects no more or no less from FF.

By contrast, their main negotiation partners are doing political handstands and pirouettes in order to get on the Government bandwagon, freely abandoning core principles and ignoring inconvenient elephants in the corner.

The Greens will readily abandon
- their principled opposition to the use of Shannon Airport by US military
- their strong rejection of the last Government’s hospital co-location strategy
- their demand for the banning of corporate donations
- Trevor Sargent’s promise to resign as party leader rather than lead the Greens into coalition with FF

The PDs will forget
- their firm commitment to only coalesce with “like-minded parties” and the Greens would not qualify.
- Mary Harney’s intention to quit Government in the week before the election, based on revelations from the Mahon Tribunal. The fact that the Tribunal’s opening statement for it’s current module has raised even more questions for the Taoiseach, and seems to further undermine his latest “full explanations”, will have to be ignored in order to ensure survival of the Progressive Democrats.

Thus, any remaining perceived vestiges of PD high principle in politics are shed. Sic transit…….

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