Friday, June 01, 2007

Who'll win Political Gobshite of the Year 2007?

I had thought that John Deasy would be a racing cert for the “Political Gobshite of the Year” award come December.

But Jim McDaid has overtaken him and now leads by a sizeable margin, between his screw-up of the FF election campaign in Donegal and his latest outburst, saying that he may not support Bertie for Taoiseach. “FF did nothing to support me in the election, I don’t feel under any obligation to support them”.
(Has he been breathalysed?).

McDaid’s biggest threat may not come from Deasy, but from Finian McGrath who’s making up ground rapidly. The longer the Government formation process takes, the more pirouettes McGrath will be able to perform, each one gaining him multiple PGY points with the public and the media.

Speaking of pirouettes, and factoring in election results, Michael McDowell has to be in with a shout. Only time will tell.

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