Thursday, June 22, 2006

McDowell's toys out of pram - again.

The Irish Times scoop about the attempted heave in the PDs (politically destitute?) was great news for those of us starved of political intrigue in recent months. We now have our very own Blair/Brown scenario, albeit in the smallest rather than the largest party.

Mind you, given his antics in recent months, the PDs would be mad to give the leadership to Michael McDowell before the next general election. Some of his outbursts have literally been small boy tantrums, which makes you regret the absence a political satire such as Spitting Images or Scrap Saturday - he’s such an ideal candidate for piss-taking.

If necessary and, of course, in the national interest, McDowell will probably leave the PDs and form his own party which might well be known as Mé Féin.

It strikes me that the name would probably make an appropriate sub-title for the PDs themselves - Progressive Democrats - the mé féin party.

Footnote: The penultimate paragraph of the above slag was published as a letter in the Irish Times, the Irish Independent & the Irish Examiner. It was also aired on Ryan Tubridy's RTE friday radio round-up of the week.

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