Tuesday, June 13, 2006

That Maths Paper

A great media kefuffle about the Leaving Cert Honours Maths paper which, apparently, was over-demanding on the logical skills of the students. Questions didn't come up in the sequence or format that teachers or students had expected, based on previous years exams.

Could this have been a secret Govt plot to reduce the number of women gaining maximum Leaving Cert points, filling all the medical places in college and then, when qualified, being unwilling to work the hours the public needs? It's well known that married women doctors want 9-5 jobs and are often unwilling to work as GPs or as hospital doctors outside "normal office hours".

Maths is a logical science, and it makes sense to test the logical ability of the candidate rather than their ability to simply memorise large numbers of formulae and solutions.

I suspect that girls are better at Rote Learning because, God knows, when they become women it's very hard to get a logical answer or response from them.

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