Thursday, June 01, 2006

Re-trying Derry O'Rourke?

Derry O’Rourke, the former national swimming coach, was convicted 8 years ago of raping 12 under-age girls who were in his charge as a swimming coach.

A caller to RTE’s Liveline today said she had been sexually abused by Derry O'Rourke. She said that he was prosecuted on sample charges for the offences against her, but that he had, in fact, also abused her on many other occasions.

In that situation, could O'Rourke now be charged with new offences for other specific assaults on this woman, other than those which were the sample charges in the original case?

If this is possible, could it also be a mechanism to re-try other offenders who are now being released? The use of such sample charges rather than an exhaustive list of every criminal act is quite a common procedure.

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