Wednesday, June 28, 2006

RTE - a gravy train we're all paying for.

RTE has just announced its top-10 earners in 2004.
1. Pat Kenny €899,000
2. Gerry Ryan €487,492
3. Marian Finucane €439,265
4. Joe Duffy €279,149
5. Miriam O'Callaghan €251,251
6. Ryan Tubridy €216,150
7. Derek Mooney €189,906
8. John Kelly €188,630
9. Sean O Rourke €177,463
10.George Hamilton €168,322

In addition, many of these will have earned substantial additional income from ancillary activities such as celebrity appearances, after dinner speaking, moderating seminars, involvement in independent TV productions etc..

Miriam O'Callaghan's RTE income is only exceeded by her Childrens Allowance.

We can safely assume that all these salaries will have increased by 10-20% in the intervening period. It’s a relief tome to know that the recent sizeable increase in RTE’s licence fee is not being wasted.

I've often complained when RTE's top "stars" disappear for 2-3 months every summer, accusing RTE of equating "public service broadcasting" with "teachers holidays".

However, when you see these salary lists you realise that it's probably a good thing. If they had to be paid for the extra months work the increase in the licence fee would be punitive.

Footnote: The section in italics published as a letter in the Irish Times & the Irish Independent.

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