Saturday, May 26, 2007

Clouds, Silver Linings etc..

Disappointment at the failure of the alternative coalition to win the election has been tempered somewhat by the destruction inflicted on the PDs.

I’d have been happy if McDowell and Parlon got the chop, but they’ve been joined by 4 others, leaving only Mary Harney and Noel Grealish. Apparently these two don’t particularly like each other, he was a McDowell supporter and they're both gene-pool FFers. So will the PDs continue to exist in a couple of months time?

Now that the political smoke is clearing, it looks like a FF-Green coalition is the most likely pairing, based on the numbers required for a stable government.

This scenario throws up some interesting possible crunch points in the negotiation of the final deal between those two parties.

A core principle for the Greens, oft repeated during the campaign whenever the possibility of coalition was discussed, is the banning of corporate donations to the political parties. That would really hit FF finances very hard, as the largest beneficiaries of corporate largesse. It would surely mean the end of the infamous Galway tent - unthinkable!

Then imagine the consternation when it comes to the use of Government transport. The ministerial Merc would be replaced by the Ministerial bicycle. Recognising the occasional need for motorised transport, Merc-pooling would be introduced, solely for state or government business and banned for personal or party use. Who would take the kids to school, the wife shopping or the Minister to the races?

The Government jet would be sold or moth-balled, Ministers and their garda minders would be routinely seen on buses, trains and, as infrequently as possible, in the economy section of commercial aircraft.

And just imagine having to listen to John Gormley at cabinet meetings!

Plenty to smile about just thinking about the upcoming negotiation process.

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