Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Get ready for musical chairs

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The political musical chairs after the election will be fascinating and probably highly convoluted.

Martyn Turner’s cartoon in today’s Irish Times beautifully illustrates the problem for the incumbent coalition partners, if the latest opinion polls prove to be in any way accurate. They simply won’t be anywhere near the numbers required to form a government.

To date, all other parties have repeatedly ruled out Sinn Féin as potential coalition partners.
Both Pat Rabbitte of Labour and Trevor Sargent , leader of the Greens, had already ruled out the option of personally leading their respective parties into coalition with Fianna Fail.
Today, the PDs have ruled out participating in government with Labour.
Also today, Trevor Sargent has, based on the latest polls, now ruled out the Greens going into coalition with Fianna Fail, while expressing a desire to go into government with the Fine Gael/Labour alternative.

However, Sargent then proceeded to rub Fine Gael up the wrong way by saying that he wouldn’t go into coalition with them if what was on offer was “Fianna Fail Lite”. The Greens further pissed off Labour as well by claiming that all the larger parties are in hock to big business because they take corporate donations.

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