Sunday, May 27, 2007

Post-Election Tranquility - for the moment

In the post-election tranquillity of the doldrum period as we wait for Bertie’s political wind to blow, I’m off today to Enda Country with the two current “Mrs.M”s.

A few days in Blueshirt Heaven, savouring the memory of the PD meltdown, will restore the equilibrium to my blood pressure, raised by episodes like Simon Coveney’s performances on Q&A and Morning Ireland.

A minor upward blip again this morning when I see that, once again, John Deasy, gobshite of the year, is suggesting that Enda Kenny be replaced as FG leader.

Pat Rabbitte may be in trouble with his Labour colleagues - several querying the strategy now that they haven’t gained any seats - but FG have. As a fellow Mayo man, I think he’s the best they have and I hope he survives any heave.

Hopefully, by the time we come back on Thursday, the PDs will have rejoined FF.

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