Monday, May 14, 2007

New poll boost for alternative coalition

Here are the headline results of an IMS opinion poll to be published in tomorrow’s Irish Independent. These particular polls have, for some reason in past elections, tended to overstate the support for Fianna Fail and understate Fine Gael support.

The trends evidenced by this poll, confirming trends in other recent polls by other research companies, are bad news the current FF/PD coalition and continue the good news for the FG/Lab alternative.

It’s also good news for Sinn Fein, even though every other party has effectively ruled them out as potential coalition partners after the election. Only time will tell.

FF 35% (-3%)
FG 26% (+3%)
Lab 13% (+1%)
PD 3% (-1%)
SF 10% (+2%)
Green 5% (-1%)
Other 8% (-1%)

Coalition Combinations based on the above outcomes

FF/PD 38%
FG/Lab 39%
FG/Lab/Green 44%
FF/Lab 48%
FF/SF 45%

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